Recent Discussions

Recent Discussions:

Older Discussions (see file cabinet at the bottom of the page for discussion slides):

  • Currency Manipulation, by Tarek Hassan, Thomas Mertens and Tony Zhang, IMF 2017 Annual Research Conference

  • China’s Model of Managing the Financial System, by Markus Brunnermeier, Michael Sockin and Wei Xiong, 2017 UMD Smith Conference on Information in Financial Markets

  • Managing Capital Outflows: The Role of Foreign Exchange Intervention, by Suman Basu, Rex Ghosh, Jonathan Ostry and Pablo Winant, IMF 2016 Annual Research Conference

  • The real effects of relationship lending, by Ryan Banerjee, Leonardo Gambacorta and Enrico Sette, Fifth BIS Research Meeting 2016

  • Monetary and Financial Policies in Emerging Markets, by Kosuke Aoki, Gianluca Benigno and Nobu Kiyotaki, 2016 NBER IFM Summer Institute

  • Optimal Joint Bond Design, by Eduardo Davila and Charles H. Weymuller, 2016 ASSA Meetings

  • Global Imbalances and Currency Wars at the ZLB, by Ricardo Caballero, Emmanuel Farhi and Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas, 2015 NBER Mathematical Economics Conference

  • Systemic Risk and Market Liquidity, by Kebin Ma, 2015 ASSA Meetings

  • Inefficient Investment Waves, by Zhiguo He and Peter Kondor, 2014 NYU Stern Macro-Finance Conference

  • Capital Account Liberalization and Wage Inequality, by Mauricio Larrain, 2014 IMF Workshop on Inequality

  • A Theory of Macroprudential Policies in the Presence of Nominal Rigidities, by Farhi and Werning, 2014 San Francisco Fed Conference

  • Sovereign Risk and Financial Risk, by Gilchrist, Yue and Zakrajsek, 2014 AEA Meetings

  • Government Guarantees and Financial Stability, by Allen, Carletti, Goldstein and Leonello at the 2013 FIRS Conference

  • Capital Controls or Real Exchange Rate Policy? A Pecuniary Externality Perspective, by Benigno, Chen, Otrok, Rebucci and Young at the NBER IFM Spring 2013 Program Meeting

  • Financial Globalization and the Rising Public Debt, by Azzimonti, De Francisco and Quadrini at the 2013 AEA Meetings

  • Capital Regulation and Credit Fluctuations, by Gersbach and Rochet at the 2013 ES Winter Meetings

  • Dynamic Macroprudential Regulation, by Frederic Malherbe at the 2013 AFA Meetings

  • A Pigovian Approach to Liquidity Regulation, by Perotti and Suarez at the 2011 Liquidity Regulation Workshop by the Fed Board and New York Fed

  • Exchange Market Intervention as Unconventional Monetary Policy, Cespedes, Chang and Velasco at the 2011 Meetings of the Latin Finance Network

  • Collective Moral Hazard, Maturity Mismatch, and Systemic Bailouts, by Emmanuel Farhi and Jean Tirole at the 2011 AEA Meetings

  • Financial Innovation, the Discovery of Risk, and the US Credit Crisis, by Emine Boz and Enrique Mendoza at the 2011 AEA Meetings

  • Social Value of Information in a Levered Economy, by Vito Gala and Paolo Volpin at the 2011 AFA Meetings

  • Systemic Risk Contributions, by Markus Brunnermeier and Patrick Cheridito at the 2011 AEA Meetings