List of Files for Tenure Review

Research Statement:

Curriculum Vitae:

Recent Samples of Research Work:

*) Liquidity Trap and Excessive Leverage [Publication | Appendix | Blog | Slides], with Alp SimsekAmerican Economic Review 106(3), pp. 699-738, Mar. 2016.

*) Pecuniary Externalities in Economies with Financial Frictions [PDF | Appendix | Slides], with Eduardo Dávila, forthcoming, Review of Economic Studies, Jan. 2017.

*) Currency Wars or Efficient Spillovers? A General Theory of International Policy Cooperation [PDF WP | Slides], Feb. 2017.

*) Accounting for Debt Service: The Painful Legacy of Credit Booms [PDF WP], with Mathias Drehmann and Mikael Juselius, May 2017.